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Complete Done For You Liquor License QLD Service 

To sell liquor or supply liquor (alcohol) in Queensland, one must have appropriate liquor licensing or permission; this is where the team at Liquor Licence Queensland come in. We have spent years supporting local businesses and helping them navigate through complex approval and transfer procedures.  

When it comes to getting your new venture licenced, it is recommended that your application is processed by an industry specialist to ensure that it’s processed correctly and efficiently. The smallest error in your application can take weeks or months to remediate, which could end up costing you thousands or more in business delays.  

Some of Our Recent Succesful Applications

We manage the Process with the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR)

We communicate with the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) on your behalf throughout the whole process. Our team have specific channels and open communication with OLGR that ensures your Liquor Licence applications run efficiently and smoothly.  

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation specifies when and where alcohol may be served. The sort of liquor or wine licence you’ll require is determined by the type of business or organisation you’ll be running. Each licence has its own set of restrictions, as well as application and yearly renewal fees.  

Our team will go through these details with you in a free initial consult before applying for your application or transfer. 

We specialise in all QLD Liquor Licence types 

A variety of licenses are offered to fit the needs of various restaurants and community organisations. Liquor licence fees and legal requirements vary by kind of business and licence. Here are a few of the areas we offer a complete done for you specialty service: 

  • New Licence Applications for a Café-Restaurant-brewery or distillery  

New hospitality businesses are required to start new Queensland licence applications from scratch. Other venues needing licences include: 




Caravan Parks


  • Liquor Licence Transfer Applications 

If the licensee changes, the new owner must apply for the license to be transferred. 

  • Liquor Licence Alterations  

If you already have a liquor license and wish to alter the conditions or Licensed Area Description on a permanent or temporary basis. 

  • Extension of Trading Hours 

If you already have a licence and wish to extend your approved trading hours of operation to serve and provide alcohol in your licensed area. 

  • Temporary Liquor Licences 

Non proprietary clubs and organisations that wish to offer alcohol temporarily or during a one off event like a festival, market or community event can also get a permit. 

  • Risk Assessment Management – RAMP

A Risk Assessment Management Plan (RAMP) for an Australian liquor license is a strategic document required by regulatory authorities to identify, assess, and mitigate risks associated with the sale and consumption of alcohol at a venue to ensure public safety and compliance with laws.

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Liquor License Approval Time Frames 

Approval of new liquor licenses can take as little as three months to as long as twelve months, depending on the project. 

If you’re launching a business and want to serve alcohol on licensed premises, we can assist you in factoring this into your plans because it may affect when you can open.  

Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation 

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation oversees liquor licenses and permit applications in Queensland.  

There are multiple communication stages within that time frame where OLGR may require clarification or further information; if not dealt with immediately, this could delay your planned business opening.  

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Streamlining the Process of your Liquor Licence Approval Queensland

This is where a Liquor License specialist is extremely important. We know the application process back to front and the potential additional requests OLGR will ask after lodging applications.  Because of our industry expertise, we include all additional information about your venue and licence requirements in initial applications to reduce or nullify the change or additional OLGR information request.  

In most cases, this process speeds up the new liquor licences approval process or transfer request and allows you to continue doing what you love instead of stressing about opening deadlines and OLGR information requests.  We simplify the process and work on your behalf. Our years of expertise in the sector will ensure a speedy and cost-effective licensing process. 

Liquor Licence Costs QLD 

Application costs start as low as $2300 in consultant fees for low-risk sites like restaurants and cafes (plus council and OLGR fees). In addition to the initial price, licenses are subject to a variety of continuing costs, including; 

Extra fees based on the amount of risk associated with longer market hours

Compliance history

Applications to modify your existing license

A base yearly fee (once approved)

We ensure a quick and affordable licensing process. Reach out to our team for a comprehensive breakdown of your expected costs and get your license started today! 

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Committed to the success of your Liquor License QLD Requirements

We take pleasure in covering all of your bases for a successful application in the least period of time. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience after processing countless applications, and we understand that one individual cannot give the same level of attention to detail and commitment as our team.  

This is why we are passionate about helping new and seasoned licensees through licensing process. We’re here to assist in the success of your hospitality endeavours! 


Queensland Liquor Licence Specialists 

We specialise solely on Liquor Licences in Queensland – applications and transfers, so you can be sure that you are getting the best industry knowledge and up to date advice.  

We’ve improved our procedure to make liquor licensing even easier for you, so you can focus on what matters most.  

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Let’s Get Started 

Choosing to start a new business may be both difficult and rewarding; it’s never a straightforward and easy ride, but having our team on your side for all your licensing requirements allows you to remain focused on your business throughout even the most difficult situations.  

We guarantee an error free and smooth application process and currently have a 100% success rate with our clients. Contact the team today for your free consultation and let us support you in your new successful endeavour.  

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